Sunday, 19 February 2017



Despite excellent performances from all concerned, this is a rather weak thriller. It tries very hard to be as original, as different and as unusual as possible, but fails to find anything new to compensate for the genre clichés it so carefully tries to avoid.

It starts slowly but the characterization is crude and rather inept and obvious. It then eventually becomes a fast paced thriller with a mood and pacing change that does not quite make sense. In the end, this movie is not really about anything. Basically a stodgy pudding with some good parts but which fails as a whole.

This is ultimately a calling card film from someone who wants to prove he can make a film but who cannot properly develop his story and characters so that you really care for them and their plight. Yet again, this movie is proof that since Alfred Hitchcock dies, no one has been able to fill his illustrious shoes with high quality, well made thrillers.

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